3 May 2017

Transfemoral Rotator

Transfemoral rotator enables the knee to rotate relative to the socket in sitting posture. This function provides hip flexion adjustment, which can reduce strains caused by the socket at the residual limb. Therefore ensures prosthetic user sitting in various levels and positions comfortably.


Product No.

The D-TKR-02 transfemoral rotator is used for above knee amputation fittings.

Function & Design
- Enables the lower leg to rotate against the socket when flexed
- Automatically locks in the neutral position
- Rotation ability up to 360°
- Maximum body weight up to 125kg (P6 level)



Technical data
Material                  Stainless steel, Aluminum Alloy
System height       35.5 mm
System weight      180g
Maximum body weight       125kg





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