26 Jun 2017

V One Microprocessor knee

Value in One !

V One knee is controlled by a microprocessor and sensors. In the auto-mode, the flexion resistances of the knee joint will be adjusted automatically depend on user's walking speed and gait patterns. In the manual-mode, manual set for the flexion resistances is also available.

Safety and intelligence
A new gravity sensor is integrated to estimate different walking speeds, and the knee prosthesis resistance can be changed for more natural gait and safety.

Walking resistances setting
The resistances of the knee joint for three walking conditions (slow, natural, fast walking) are set by the PC program in the auto-mode.

Four-bar mechanical design
The trajectory of the instance center of rotation (ICR) mimics anatomic pattern, which ensures stability in the stance phase and toe clearance in the swing phase.   

Carbon frame
It makes knee lighter and more durable.

Technical data

Material Carbon, Titanium alloy, Aluminum alloy
System height A-TGK-4PSOIC-A01 / B01     215mm
  A-TGK-4PSOIC-C01    228mm
System weight A-TGK-4PSOIC-A01 / B01   1060公克/ 1080公克
  A-TGK-4PSOIC-C01    1130公克
Maximum flexion angle 142˚
Maximum body weight 125kg
Wireless module Bluetooth Class II


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